Your Story

Everyone has a story to tell.

Whether you’re an individual or a multi-national organisation, there are stories everywhere.

But what’s the best way to tell your story?

You might need just a handful of carefully selected words that neatly sum up your story.

You might need a website, telling your story across several seamlessly linked pages.

You might need an in-depth report, which digs into the fine details of your story to ensure every aspect is fully understood.

Whatever your story is, however it needs to be told, I can help you find the right method and the right words.

I specialise in writing for the IT industry as, combining my years of working in the industry with my copywriting skills, I can provide a unique perspective. I also write about general management and recruitment as these were significant parts of my various roles.

But I don’t like to limit myself. I love telling stories more than anything else, so if you think I can help tell yours I want to hear from you.

Every story needs to start somewhere, so contact me now and we can begin our story.


“Luke is a very talented copywriter. Our business, team, and products are complex and Luke has been able to translate that complexity into a number of well-written, thought-provoking, and interesting pieces of content.”