My Story

Words are simple. We all know most of them. But knowing the right ones to use at the right time is my speciality. I’ve spent my whole life taking care to construct the right words for any situation – whether it’s to make friends laugh in the pub, get an important point across in an engaging way in an email, or for a critical report that will determine the fate of an entire business.

I spent many years working in the IT industry in London. And whilst I had a successful career there was always a nagging feeling that it wasn’t what I should be doing. Whatever I achieved I never felt fully satisfied. I felt that it wasn’t the best use of my talents. I felt I could do more.

So I thought about the things I’ve loved for as long as I can remember.

I still dream of getting spotted in the local park by a football scout and scoring the winning goal from the bench for Southampton in the FA Cup Final but, let’s face it, there’s only an outside chance of that happening.

But as well as football, I can’t recall a time when reading wasn’t a major part of my life. Whether it’s novels, biographies, newspapers, Wikipedia, I consume words constantly. We all do. But I have a real fascination for them. Why certain words are chosen, how sentences are constructed. Where should the next comma go?

And after completing an MA in Creative Writing, followed by a diploma in Copywriting, I had no doubt that words are my passion, and writing words is the most useful thing I can do with my life.

I’m a storyteller.

Every day I tell stories, short and long. Get in touch, and I could be telling your story too.


“Luke is one of our go-to tech writers – he’s able to turn tricky tech into comprehensible copy at the tap of a keyboard, which is no mean feat. Having risen to every copy challenge we’ve put his way, Luke comes with a 5 star recommendation from us.”