When has Spring officially sprung?

Is it when you see the first daffodil? Or whichever flower best represents Spring. I’m no gardener so I haven’t got a clue. I’ve always liked daffodils though.

But no, contrary to popular opinion, it’s nothing to do with flowers.

Is it when you look out of the back window and see next door’s kids playing in the paddling pool or running through the water sprinkler as they scream in delight?

Cute, but no.

Is it when the Premier League change from the yellow winter ball back to the traditional white ball?

Don’t be ridiculous.

Is it when you hear the first crack of leather on willow of the year as the new cricket season gets underway?

Maybe in the last century, it could have been. But with the start of county cricket creeping forward every year to accommodate more different versions of the short game than Boris Johnson has children, this has now been relegated to a mere forebearer of a beautiful Spring to come.

It is, of course, when you see the first gosling of the year. And today, dear reader, was that wonderful day.

Yes, I know it’s a rubbish picture, but I couldn’t get any closer as they were on the other side of the canal and, well, I wouldn’t want to annoy the proud parents in any case. Trust me, that little furry, blurry mess in the grass is goslings. Four of them. I’ll have some much better pictures soon, once they’re having swimming lessons out on the water. Trust me, you’ll want to come back for that.

This is, in fact, the second year in a row where the Official Sprunging of Spring has fallen on May 1st. That’s why goslings are so great. You can literally set your clocks by them*.

Life is tough for a lot of people at the moment. Even the lucky ones who still have their health and job. There’s an awful lot of uncertainty about what the future holds. And while it’s much, much easier said than done, it’s important to give yourself a break from worrying.

So get down to your local canal, river, pond or lake and see if you can spot the Official Sprunging of Spring. Even in the dark times, life goes on, and it’s kinda beautiful to witness.

*Obviously you can’t. How would that work? You can only set your clock once a year on the 1st of May?

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