The Fab Four and The Famous Five

Today’s walk brought another exciting find and, dare I say, a slightly better photograph.

My second newborn gaggle of the year. (Yes, gaggle. Google it if you don’t believe me. Don’t try to gaggle a google though, that could be painful.)

BUT! I hear you cry. How do you know that’s not the same group I saw the other day with one extra added to their brood?

Tis a very good question. And one which I asked myself at first. However, only a short way up the canal, I spotted the Fab Four doing a spot of apple-bobbing, or something, in the shallow waters.

Obviously that’s John and Paul squabbling by the bank whilst George and Ringo do their own thing.

So we now have the Fab Four and the Famous Five living very close to each other. For locals, this is on the short stretch between Edge Lane and Clayton Hall.

If you listened to my recent radio appearance you’ll know there’s a high chance of these groups joining together so that the adults can share parenting responsibilities. How long will it be before that happens? And if it does, what should I call them? The Nefarious Nine? I’m not sure a gosling could ever be nefarious. Also, if these groups do combine we’ll have two Georges, so I’m not sure what to do about that. Please leave your naming suggestions in the comments below and the best ones will win a prize*.

Speaking of the Fab Four, who was better? The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? I think they both have their merits – a bit like the Oasis vs Blur battle of the 90s. I always thought that The Stones and Oasis had the ‘bigger’ songs, but The Beatles and Blur had more creativity and thought behind their music. I hope Noel Gallagher doesn’t read this…

*a bonus canal photo not featured on the blog

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