Keep swimming

Just look at them. So tiny. So cute. So fluffy. Which makes me think of…

Don’t worry, I’m not gonna die. Not yet, anyway. I mean, we’re all gonna die at some point, but that’s another story for a different blog. Probably.

I’m pretty sure these are the same ones I glimpsed a couple of days ago from afar. And they are just perfect. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch the moment they first ventured into the water but it was still a real privilege to see mum and dad taking them on one of their first excursions. And they look like naturals to me.

I was worried for a moment when one got left behind

But he soon caught up, so my lifeguarding skills weren’t required

These seem to be the only goslings that have hatched so far. There are lots of nests still being closely guarded so I expect to see more soon. If they all hatch then I’m sure the canal would soon be overrun, so I’m guessing there is a certain failure rate. I haven’t been able to get any definitive number on what that might be though, so if there are any goose experts reading this, please get in touch.

Life feels like it’s changing a lot at the moment. And it will be changing every day over the next few months for these guys. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch many of those moments here.

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