Cat on a cold canal bank

No goslings today.

I walked towards Ashton, where I have seen a few nests, but no young so far. One of the first nests I saw this year was in the grounds of a house on the bank of the canal. But today, I was greeted by a rather different sight.

Yep, no nest, but a cat instead.

You don’t think….?

Nah, have you seen what geese are like? They can be pretty viscious. I wouldn’t fancy any cat’s chances if it got too close.

But there was no sign of the nest, nor the mother goose who had been closely guarding it. I hope that the young were safely hatched and are now thriving somewhere along the canal, but I didn’t see any sign of them today.

Speaking of cats, have I introduced you to my lockdown companion?

This is Yoko, who is in fact sat on my lap right now as I’m typing this.

Isn’t she beautiful?

But also fierce. Look at those claws.

It’s a funny old time, not being able to see friends and family. I’ve always considered myself pretty independent and self-sufficient, but even I’ve had moments of loneliness lately. Thankfully Yoko is always nearby and happy to cuddle and chat. It’s not the same as human company, but there’s no doubt she’s helping to keep me sane and I feel so lucky to have her.

So when you’re next having a drink, please join me in raising a glass to all the pets in the world. We’d be truly lost without them.

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